Features Focused on Productivity

EEG device train your brain to unleash underlying power of your brain.


Train to focus with our interactive game.


Put the weight down and relax with our app!


Play a simple game and repeat!

Made for Everyone

BRAIN+ can extract your brain waves, monitor their power and guide you to have improved brain power!

Interactive Game

By using video games and state-of-art technique, users can learn what it feel like to improve their brain!

Get Your Brain Fit

Continuous training as such will make your brain function better and improve its Concentration, Relaxation and Memory!

Achievements Unlocked

  • PTEC certified for Safety Test and Radio Emission Test
  • TED-Fund
  • Successfully benchmark with Research Grade device, certified by NECTEC.
  • Licensed Game Based Neurofeedback from Chulalongkorn University Medical School and Engineering department and NECTEC.
    • Gold medal award "Game based Neurofeedback cognitive training" from the 44th International Inventions Geneva 2016.
    • Gold medal award "Neurofeedback for ognitive/emotion training" from the Seoul International Inventions Fair 2017.
  • Crinical Trial with real patience at Chulalongkorn Hospital.

What people are saying...

"Help you achieve a well-rounded and healthy brain function!"

"If you want to improve your memory, concentration, ability to relex, BrainPlus is the way to go"

"For anyone wishing to improve their concentration, relaxation and memory by unleashing extra underlying power within their brain."

"Here is another smart wearable device that yo can use to train your brain better."